What Happens Next?


Confirmation of your booking

Once we have booked the date for your wedding and received your £75 part payment (this will be deducted from your final invoice), you will receive a letter of confirmation, along with an information pack to help you plan your wedding and two forms to fill in.  These are a booking form (where you let us know whether you would like to book an organist, choir, bells, etc) and a form asking for details for the marriage register.  We would ask that you return these as soon as possible to ensure that we have all the information we need in good time.


Marriage Preparation

It is a requirement in the Church of England that couples undertake some form of marriage preparation.  We arrange a day session for all couples getting married in a particular year, usually on a Saturday.  We try to have this in January or February, so if you are getting married in one of those months, we may ask you to come to the previous year’s session.  During the marriage preparation day couples have the chance to discuss aspects of relationships and married life, and to share thoughts and ideas on their future together. These sessions are friendly and informal and are a good opportunity to check on all the arrangements for your wedding and meet the minister who will be taking your service.



All proposed music must be approved by the minister taking your wedding. If you are using the church organist they can help and advise you – you may wish to arrange to meet them after a Sunday service to talk and play through your selection.  The organist is also the choirmaster, and will be happy to discuss your choice of hymns with you.  Contact details are as follows:



Mr Mr David Williams

01234 823604



Mr. Simon Trott

01234 343490



Contact Sarah Smale

01234 825454



You can hear a selection of wedding hymns played on the Church of England's wedding site: www.yourchurchwedding.org


If you are not using the local organist or are planning to have additional music please discuss this with the minister.


Order of Service 

If you are having a printed Order of Service, please mention this when you meet the minister for the first time.  We can provide a leaflet which gives the sequence for the hymns, readings, prayers etc. If you have further queries, especially about the hymns or want some suggestions discuss this with the minister or organist. Please ask the minister to check the draft before if goes for printing.  



You will need to decide whether you are doing these yourself (with the help of friends and family) or employing a professional florist. There are also groups of experienced flower arrangers at the churches who provide arrangements for the ordinary services. They are happy to give advice about flowers and the best places to position them in the church. At Oakley and Stagsden they are also willing to do the flower arrangements for you (payment would be required per pedestal). For Bromham please click here to read the separate guidelines.

Whatever you decide you must contact the person in charge of flowers at the church so that she knows your plans and can arrange access to the church when necessary. You will also need to discuss what will happen to the flowers after the service and any fees chargeable. Forward planning is essential especially if there is more than one wedding on the same day so please do this early.

Bromham         Margaret Parrott                                     01234 824402               

Oakley             Mrs. A. Rolph                                          01234 824849

Stagsden         Revd. Di Harpham                                  01234 918691 



Banns of Marriage

Banns are an announcement in church of your intention to marry and a chance for anyone to put forward a reason why the marriage may not lawfully take place.  Banns of marriage are read within the church on three consecutive Sundays during the three months before your wedding.  We arrange for the Banns to be read and send you notification of the dates and times so that if you wish to you can come and hear them read (there is a small charge for the reading of the banns and for the certificates which are required for the marriage ceremony).

If either of you doesn’t live in the parish where you are getting married, then banns must be read both in this parish and the parish of residency.  We arrange for the banns to be read in our parish church.  You are responsible for contacting the minister of the other parish, providing them with your details and arranging for the banns to be read there.  The other parish will issue a banns certificate to prove they have been read.  There will be a charge for this and you must collect the certificate and pass it to the minister conducting your marriage before your wedding day.


Wedding Invoice

We will send you an invoice breaking down the different fees about eight weeks before your wedding.  Prompt payment is appreciated (at least four weeks before the wedding, please).



There will be a rehearsal at the church a few days before your wedding. It is hoped that the following people will be able to attend, but we understand if that is possible.  Bride, Groom, Best Man, person giving the bride away, Bridesmaids, Ushers (sound recordist, if appropriate)

The minister conducting your marriage service will arrange the time and date with you and meet you at the church


Other Information



This is your special day and we want you to enjoy yourselves and have a great time. However, please remember that there are people behind the scenes who are giving up their time to ensure your wedding goes smoothly. For example, arriving late or taking excessive amounts of time with photographs can delay things significantly and we would appreciate it if you could try to avoid this. As a guideline, we would expect a wedding to take about an hour.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Car Parking 

Parking can be a problem if there is more than one wedding on the same day. This is especially so in Bromham Park. We allow two hours between the starting times of weddings to allow for this. However, if there is to be a second wedding we hope that you will make every effort to be clear of the car park by an hour after the beginning of your wedding.  This has proved to be an adequate length of time in previous years.



The role of ushers is to welcome people. They need to arrive early and hand out the Orders of Service. Ushers should assist the Verger to tidy up and recover any items left after the service. We suggest having one usher to each thirty guests.


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