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Can I get married in church?


We welcome all who want to be married in church: however there are some rules and guidelines that we need to consider.


There are different ways to ‘qualify’ for marriage in church.  We are happy to discuss these and guide you to the best arrangements for you.  For instance, we are able to marry people who are divorced, but they must meet the minister and reach an agreement with them before a booking is made.


Fulfilling the requirements to be married in church


Couples are still required to meet with certain criteria before we can agree to marry them in a church. 


1.    If one or both of you live within the parish where you wish to get married, you automatically qualify for your wedding to be held there. 


2.    If you are not resident in the parish but attend the church on a regular basis, this entitles you to be married in the church providing your names are on the electoral roll of the church. 


3.    Many couples are not resident in a parish but have connections through families living locally, because they attended church as children, or were baptised or confirmed in the church.  If you wish to get married because you have a qualifying connection, you will need to contact us to discuss your particular circumstances.


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