Quiz Night on Friday 23rd February

On Friday night, Bromham Village Hall was a hive of intellectual activity as the Quiz Night, hosted jointly by Bromham Lower School and St Owen’s Church, got under way.  No time was wasted, as we arrived at our tables to find instructions for the quiz, answer sheets for each round, and a Blockbuster sheet, containing questions on subjects from Dr Who to the Ten Commandments.  You’ll be pleased to hear that the Vicar, Andrew Tweedy’s team (the Vestry) got all of the latter right!

Our quizmaster, Chris Young, ably assisted by Amanda, who diligently collated all the answers, kept the evening on track as we took a whistle stop tour of subjects from literature to television, sport to geography, and music to ‘famous second places’. 

There was a range of teams, both from the school and the church, but an early lead was taken by Kathy Churchman’s ‘Woodlanders’ team, who kept us all on our toes. 

At half time, those who hadn’t already cracked open the refreshments got stuck in, with Bromham Lower School’s head, Mrs McLean’s team going for a delicious looking chilli con carne.  Those of us who had brought crisps and nibbles felt somewhat left out, although we were diverted by Andrew Tweedy selling tickets for some rather splendid raffle prizes.  This was in aid of Keech Cottage Children’s Hospice, a very deserving cause.

Suitably refreshed, we soon got back into the swing of things, with Chris keeping up the pace.  A heckler who queried the answer to one of the questions, was soon silenced, with a firm ‘the Quizmaster’s decision is final’ leaving us in no doubt as to who was in charge!  During the interval, Amanda had marked the blockbuster round (we hope someone saved her some food!), which added some good scores, although the Woodlanders were still in the lead.  Could anyone catch them?  The music round was challenging – did you know that the Rolling Stones’ Brown Sugar starts with the line Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields’?  Neither did we, which is perhaps why we didn’t win.  In the end, the Woodlanders were unbeatable, this time, anyway!  Can anyone challenge them in what must surely become a regular fixture?

All in all, it was a great evening, well organised and with something for everyone.  Many thanks go to our very competent quizmasters, Chris and Amanda Young, and to Andrew Tweedy and Lynda McLean for the support of St Owen’s Church and Bromham Lower School.

The quiz raised £499.02 for Keech Cottage Children's Hospice, which has been rounded up to £500 and reflects the generosity of all involved.

Here are some photos of the evening - click on each image to see the larger version, then click on the 'back' button in your browser to return to this page.


Kathy Churchman's Winning 'Woodlanders' Team

Scenes of concentration in the Village Hall

Now what was the answer?

The Vestry team - but where is the vicar?

The Vicar, Andrew Tweedy, sells raffle tickets

Bromham Lower School's Early Years team

The Head of Bromham Lower School, Lynda McLean, provides dinner for her team

Chris and Amanda Young, quizmasters extraordinaire!