SNIPPETS FROM SENEGAL - a bulletin from Rachel Inegbedion, November 11th 2007


Hello friends,

It has now been almost a month since Iíve been here in Senegal. Firstly I would like to thank you for all your prayerful support as it has really helped me get through some difficult times.Times when I feel alienated, confused and at times frustrated by cultural and language barriers.

Since arriving, I have been visiting several churches in the hopes of finding one where I can worship for the duration of my stay. Although Senegal is predominately Muslim, the Christian community that exists is remarkably strong.Just today, I was taken under the wing of three nuns who led me through the busy, chaotic streets which are full of donkey carts, smoke and brightly coloured buses until we got to the safe haven of the cathedral.

When Iím not busy searching for a spiritual refuge, I have the big task of carrying out the project which you helped fund so remarkably over the Summer.


Already I have been overwhelmed at how far the money has gone:



From now until Christmas, I will be mostly occupied with organising a big Christmas party for the children which will also involve the almost 100 members of the community. We hope to organise a whole day of dance, music, food and present giving. For many of the children, this will be the first time that they have ever received a present. Imagine and it is your money that is making this happen.

I feel truly blessed to be here and witness how the money we raised is changing the lives of the children day by day; At times it all seems so surreal to be here. Each child comes to the centre with a different story whether it be that they are lost or more likely running from a dangerous situation; Often the children will not reveal what they are running from when they first arrive. I am already learning more and more about trust, tolerance and patience and each time it is the children who guide me.


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