Bereavement - Message from the Ministers


We are often asked for poems and reflections which people have been searching for, and we have prepared a booklet, Prayers and Reflections for the Bereaved, which you can view here.


The loss of a loved one is one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences we can have as human beings.  Some find their grief is so raw it feels as though they have lost part of themselves.  Others can feel anger, resentment, fear and lack of confidence, whilst others find a quiet peace. 

Each personís experience is unique although we can have common strands, which we call the stages of grief.

We hope you have drawn strength and support from the love and caring of family and friends, and will find peace in prayer and the healing love of God. 

We pray that you will find Godís peace and His healing in the months ahead.




If you need to talk to someone and/or would like a visit, please contact:  

Revd. Catherine Wilson



Revd. Di Harpham



Revd. Paula Vennells




Contact for Bromham Bereavement Friendship Group:


Mrs Gill Sheen                                                   Tel: 823096